Types Of Homes

There are many options available for you, ranging from new builds, resales, condominiums  or even tropical homes.

New Builds

New builds range from various reputable builders, who may even specialize in the community they are building in. New builds are a great option if you are looking to pick out the perfect home with all the newest features, designs and materials. These new builds are amazingly priced and offer great square footage when compared in value to a property in the GTA. Our builder relationships include but are not limited to: Hayhoe Homes, Baldwin, Mattamy Homes, Mason, Empire Wyndfield and many more. We have direct association with these builders to help find you the most ideal home at the best price for you.


Fantastic options available for resale homes. With the assistance and expertise of our realtor teams, we can find you the best deals possible. Resale homes are great choices, because they are already in established neighborhoods and offer you a great insight into the type of community you will be living in. Resale homes are a great option, if you want to find something that is already set up and ready for you to live in. Resale homes also tend to be closer to amenities that you may desire which makes them a great choice for you.


Condominiums are great choices for those of you looking to travel and live a carefree lifestyle. With property upkeep and maintenance handled by professionals, you don’t need to worry about mowing the grass or shovelling the snow. Travel whenever you want. Downsizing is about upsizing your lifestyle, with no worries of home ownership. Condominiums are a great option if you decide to stay within the GTA as well.

Paradise Destinations

No longer a fan of our constantly changing seasons? Want summer all year round?

Tempted by sunshine? 
Don’t be afraid to seek our advice and consultation on the potential of finding a nice community in a new area like Florida, California, Arizona and various others. We will help you through our extensive network. Avoid the scammers and traps from overnight relocation and retirement operations. We will make sure you are taken care off in a professional caring manner. 
Don’t hold back your dreams – let us help guide you.